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    The Signal/One subsidiary of NCR introduced a revolutionary new communications transceiver to the amateur market in 1969. The Signal/One CX7 offered superior performance and features never before available to the radio amateur. The totally re-designed CX11 came out in 1974 and is considered by many to be the finest American made communications transceiver ever built. In 1982, the Milspec 1030 was introduced as the first fully synthesized HF transceiver. Total production of all three models was only slightly over 1000 units.

    Details on these fine transceivers will be added over the next several months. In the meantime, full-page advertisements that appeared in QST Magazine are presented for your enlightenment.

In memory of Paul Kollar - W8CXS
Oct 19, 1929 - Feb 25, 2000

    I had been fortunate to know Paul for many years. He was one of those rare gentlemen who was graceful and kind to all who met him. He worked for the Radio Department at Michigan Bell Telephone Company for most of his career. Radios were his hobby as well. W8CXS was active mostly on CW and Paul collected a large number of operating awards. He was most well known for his enthusiasm for Signal/One transceivers and Alpha Seventy amplifiers, having repaired them for hundreds of people. Paul Kollar, W8CXS, was a real "ham's ham" and will be sadly missed by all who knew him...   Paul Kluwe - W8ZO.

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[CX7]            [CX7]
Signal/One CX7   April 1970 QST           Signal/One CX7   June 1970 QST

[CX11A]       [CX11]
Signal/One CX11   June 1975                     Signal/One CX11A   April 1980 QST

[Milspec 1030]       [Milspec 1030]
Signal/One Milspec 1030   April 1982 QST       Signal/One Milspec 1030   Jan 1983 QST

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